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Leading with Your Legacy

As a dental practitioner, you’ve built not only a dental practice, but legacy of care and commitment to your community and team. Dentalook leads the next phase of your practice’s journey with your legacy in mind. We customize each practice transition to meet the goals and needs of the dental teams and patients. The final result allows for your legacy to continue and practice to thrive.

Shared Business Support Services

Partnership Solutions

While patients are the heart and soul of your clinic, Dentalook’s Partnership Solutions ensure that patients receive the best care possible.

Our range of management solutions include:


Our value of deep enrichment represents our commitment to high quality, ongoing and relevant training for team members


We strive for excellence in seeking the most qualified candidates to join our organization

Human Resources

Our skilled Home Office team takes care of essential services such as payroll, managing employee benefits, performance reviews and more


Effective marketing not only drives growth, but engages patients and the local community.


Our dedicated IT services will make sure that your clinic’s network, along with all of the programs and systems necessary to manage the clinic is in optimal working order and sensitive data remains protected.


Dentalook will make sure your clinic runs smoothly and efficiently from end-to-end


Our experienced Finance team understands the dental environment and supports our practices in achieving financial success


Dentalook’s purchasing power allows for practices to gain competitive pricing, while maintain clinical preferences

Join Our Rapidly Growing Family

Dentalook brings together dental offices into a supportive network, empowering them to provide a unique, positive patient experience in oral health care.

We inspire our Partners to achieve ambitious personal and professional growth.

We provide unprecedented strategic insights and expertise that place our Partners at the forefront of oral care.

We enable the best to be even better.